Tricor Pacific Capital combines decades of transaction and operating experience having made control investments in over 80 companies in the manufacturing, distribution, business services, food, real estate and other induristres. Currently our portfolio includes:


Founders is a family-owned company that invests its own capital and applies operating know-how to build a group of thriving food businesses and exceptional partnerships we can all be proud of. Target businesses are $15-$75m in Enterprise Value with no size limitations for add-on acquisitions to existing businesses.

Active Holdings:

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Premium Brands is a Canadian specialty food manufacturing and distribution company. As a publicly traded corporation on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Tricor Pacific Capital has long been one of Premium Brands most significant shareholders.

Sample of Representative Brands:




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Since 1996, Tricor has been investing directly into operating companies and is actively pursuing new direct investment opportunities across industrial, manufacturing, business services, and distribution segments. Through the Diversified Investment initiative, Tricor is actively seeking partnership opportunities in businesses with $3-$25m EBITDA with a preference for founder succession or management buyout scenarios.

Representative Companies:



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Tricor Pacific Capital invests in private companies and equity funds such as its successor Parallel 49, Pender West Capital and Spira's fund II.

Representative Initiatives:

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As successor to Tricor's institutional private equity business, Parallel49 Equity invests in profitable, well-managed, lower middle-market companies in the United States and Canada.  Since 2015, they have managed investor capital in funds IV and V. Tricor Pacific Capital has been a major investor across all five funds.

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Pender West is a family-backed private equity firm that invests in small to medium sized businesses. They are a financial investor with a partnership approach to building constructive and supportive relationships with owners and management teams. Tricor Pacific Capital is a founding and major investor in this firm.

Active Holdings (Fund IV):

Recent Divestments:

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Active Holdings (Fund V):

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As a special-purpose private equity fund, Spira is currently focused on investing in the U.S. affordable multifamily housing sector. The purpose of the fund is to preserve housing affordability, bolster housing quality and improve the underprivileged communities. Tricor Pacific Capital is an investor in Spira Fund II.

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Areva Living is a Real Estate and Land Development Firm based in Vancouver BC. They are a unique multidisciplinary team of highly dedicated individuals with up to 25 years of experience in the Investment, Design-Build and Development fields. Alongside management Tricor Pacific Capital is a major investor in every project.

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Tricor Pacific Capital is an owner of purpose-built, industrial, single-tenant real estate in partnership with a major Canadian public company. Tricor Pacific Capital is the major investor in this partnership.

Active Projects:

The Two Twenty

The Columbia Theatre

Tricor Lands_The 220.png

Rental Apartments

Tricor Lands_Columbia Theatre.png

Heritage Restoration

Royal Heritage Project

The Rupert

Tricor Lands_Royal Heritage Project.png

Condominium Apartments

Tricor Lands_The Rupert.png

Townhouse Project

58,000 Sqft

Distribution Facility

Freybe Gourmet Foods

Freyebe Langley Plant 2.jpg

120,000 Sqft

Processing Facility

Centennial Food Services

WRDawn RealCorp_Saanichton.jpg

P B Distribution

Truck and Warehouse

30,000 Sqft 

Distribution Facility