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Rod is the principal investor and leads the firm’s investment decision-making. He also contributes to portfolio company strategy, and is a sounding board for human capital development.  


In 1996, Rod co-founded Tricor Pacific Capital, which was then a private equity firm investing institutional funds in mid-market companies across North America.  He led the firm’s institutional investments as Managing Partner of Funds I, II, III and IV, with total committed capital of $1.2 billion. He remains active and continues to be a major shareholder in Fund IV and the successor Fund V.  Prior to 1996 Rod practised law with two of Canada’s leading law firms.   


Rod is also a founding partner and a principal shareholder in Pender West Capital Partners Inc. Pender West maintains investments in a broad-based private equity portfolio and looks to invest its own capital in operating companies at the lower end of the mid-market. 


Rod is the Vice Chairman of the Fraser Institute, is on the Advisory Board of Vancouver Prostate Centre, and through the Senft Family Foundation is active in several other philanthropic endeavours. 


Rod obtained Bachelor of Commerce degree and Bachelor of Law degrees from the University of Manitoba.


Direct: +1 (604) 646-4363

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